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Importance of Brand Mascots in Indian Advertising
April 21, 2022

Importance of Brand Mascots in Indian Advertising

Importance of Brand Mascots in Indian Advertising

Debadrita Bhowmick, Prof. (Dr.) Pijush Dutta

Research Article: Open Access

MediaSpace DME Journal of Communication, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2021, Pages: 88-92


Mascots experience things for audiences, and various ad ads of varying features strive to intrigue viewers’ attention. This study investigates the impact of mascot designs on improving connectivity and, as a result, creating long brand awareness among consumers. This paper takes a qualitative method to mascot creation as an advertisement tool, and it employs a quantitative technique in its study. The research shows that mascots have the capacity to effectively convey meaning; even if they are simplistic in terms of the structural and design style, they have the effect of enhancing favorable feedback. Brand mascots are animated figures that are primarily used for ads or other commercial ventures. Numerous brand mascots have become increasingly common because of their use in promotional commercials. Brand Mascots can cause users to connect with the brand image and brand mascots, which may induce users in becoming repeat buyers and embrace the brand identity. The current study’s aim is to investigate the impact of brand mascots on customer decisions and intentions to buy a product. According to the descriptive study, using a company mascot increases customers’ optimistic outlook toward the brands while also increasing the possibility of product recall. The current research proposes a new method of marketing approach called brand fandom. This research has also added to the body of expertise in the fields of marketing communications and structural functionalism.

Keywords: Advertising, Amul, Brands, India, Mascots.