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Effectiveness of Online Learning to GGSIPU Institutes
April 21, 2022

Effectiveness of Online Learning to GGSIPU Institutes

Effectiveness of Online Learning to GGSIPU Institutes

Priyanka Tyagi, Bhumika Kohli

Research Article: Open Access

MediaSpace DME Journal of Communication, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2021, Pages: 56-65


The world witnessed a huge pandemic that caused disruptions in different sectors and affected people all across the globe. The lockdown closed schools, colleges, offices, and all other places of social gathering. This forced schools and colleges to opt for online learning as an alternative to physical learning. With this backdrop, this research was undertaken to find the future of online learning post-COVID-19 period and to gain the perspective of both students and teachers about online learning. The other major question which surely needs an answer is that online learning replaces physical learning? For finding answers to these questions, data from different colleges of GGSIPU University is taken into consideration. This research is the need of the hour because it not only decides the future of online classes but the students as well. In the end, it was inferred that teachers find online classes as an effective mode of learning, but they think that it cannot replace the physical mode and according to the student’s perspective, online classes are not effective, and they can surely not replace physical learning.

Keywords: Effectiveness, Online Teaching, Post Pandemic.