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Development Communication – New Vistas
April 21, 2022

Development Communication – New Vistas

Development Communication – New Vistas

Subbarayan Ganesh

Research Article: Open Access

MediaSpace DME Journal of Communication, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2021, Pages: 49-55


Development communication is old topic of 1980s and 90s and it has been dominating us now Many new thinking has not come about Modernization and westernization are much in it Indigenous cultures are to be given more importance and it is not being done PM Modi is on modernizing India in building new facilities as President Joe Biden of US is also on same path Modernization and development are important in country’s path to increasing facilities for every one of its citizens. Construction of Narmada dam big railway facilities and modern infra structure all have been part of present government. In the past the Indira and Rajiv Governments empowered the poor in jobs and development communication was different. The present government empowers low castes in building modern infrastructure and facilities and goes about constructing big things with western aid. The mass metros air ports and other Infrastructure help all to lead happy lives and development communication is intended in this direction. Development communication according to an IIMC manual lies in removal of poverty lessening of disparity between classes and regions and so forth The governments wants to achieve this muster support of people provide inputs and contribute to over all development Communication is aimed in this direction or making it possible to one and all. Many development projects are being launched by the present government as widening of roads and metros and all that and role of communication media is to make it happen. This paper analyses the development role of communication media in this connection It is also in making health care available to all as Obama care in the US Equipping people to face modern day challenges and lead lives effectively in 21 st century in complex world has been the goal This paper analyses all these in an effective manner.

Keywords: Development Communication, Government Intervention, Innovation