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Big Data: Frame the Cinema from Viewership to Projection
April 21, 2022

Big Data: Frame the Cinema from Viewership to Projection

Big Data: Frame the Cinema from Viewership to Projection

Prithvi Sengar

Research Article: Open Access

MediaSpace DME Journal of Communication, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2021, Pages: 66-72


In these twenty years, every aspect of human life is all in great changes from social, cultural to technological. Science play key role with its innovative digital technologies which changes all the communicative mediums. These communicative mediums change consumer attitudes, consumption patterns and a consumer groups which effect on communication and entertainment industry. This paper gives a deep insight on the role of big data in film industry and especially how it can frame future of the industry. Globally, film industry has 103 bn dollar market in which value of Indian film industry has 182.2 bn INR. There are million people engaging in the industry and on other hand cinema is the most powerful medium of social change. Thus, it is clear how much it is important to understand all the phenomenon of film making to marketing and review to revenue. In today’s digital world, only big data encountered these challenges and plays constructive role in strategies making for the practitioners in the film industry of all aspects. In this explanatory research review literature is main mothed of collecting data as explanatory research is all about analysis exist literature. This paper analysis three prospective: big data, film industry and future. First, it searches what is the big data in films, how does it collected and analyzed. There is discussion on constructive role of big data in film industry in which mapping big data functions into film industry in terms of film making and investing, publicity and distribution, film broadcasting and audience. Conclusion come out the big data provides quantitative basis and decision reference for the film industry which used and should be used wisely to create limitless revenue and make it social change stimulator.

Keywords: Big Data, Film Industry, Film Making, Film Marketing, Revenue, Social Change.