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A Study of Green Marketing in India as a Sustainable Marketing Strategy
April 21, 2022

A Study of Green Marketing in India as a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

A Study of Green Marketing in India as a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Madhubanti Mitra, Sinjini Ghosh

Research Article: Open Access

MediaSpace DME Journal of Communication, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2021, Pages: 39-48


With Green Revolution being a pervasive phenomenon in the world, concerns surrounding sustainable development are rising day-by-day. In a 2015 study of consumer behavior relating to green products conducted by Wong FuiYeng & Rashad Yazdanifard, it was established that consumers want to associate with organizations and products which are green compliant. In fact, they are willing to pay a higher price to acquire a ‘greener lifestyle’. The motivation for consumers in seeking out green products is the prospects of leading a healthier life, contributing to preservation of the environment and above all, saving time and money. This inclination towards green living has also presented a parallel opportunity to the producers- marketing a product based on its ‘green quotient’. Green PR as a practical concept is gaining increasing popularity at present. While this phenomenon has presented a revolutionary marketing idea, it has also broaden the prospects of misleading through erroneous green claims. This practice is called ‘Greenwash’ and this has posed a new and unique threat to the worldwide focus on meticulous endeavours towards green revolution.

This paper aims towards finding out consumer experiences with buying and using green products and analyzing those experiences to understand-

  1. Whether the idea of green living is reaching the consumers and non-consumers alike.
  2. Whether Green PR functions with the same ideologies as green living and sustainable development.

The research question of this study addresses this discourse in the simplest terms- is Green PR really promoting sustainable development or it is just a brilliant marketing strategy? It is a quantitative research, conducted through questionnaires and sampling of data. The findings of the research indicate an unusual experience- the consumer behaviour towards green products continues to be positive. Yet, the availability and authenticity of green products create major hindrances for the ideologies of green revolution to be internalized by the consumers at large.

Keywords: Green PR, Marketing Innovation, Sustainable Marketing.